︎WHYWHYNOT is an interdisciplinary collective of eight designers and researchers, establishing a collaborative network focused on various societal, political, ecological, and technological phenomena shaping our world. Working together, they combine their individual proficiencies to create distinctive outcomes for spatial design, publication and artistic research projects.

Felix Bell (UK), Léa Cadieux (CA), Gaia D’Arrigo (IT), Hannah Kansy (DE), Sebastian Quijada Link (VEN/DE), Nick Monro-Meares (UK), Julia Urreaga (EUS), Louisa Wolf (DE) & friends

︎ Based in Rotterdam,
The Netherlands
Coming soon:
︎︎︎Milan Design Week
︎︎︎DeKroon Fest 2024
︎︎︎Design Academy Eindhoven,
Identity for Graduation Show 2023
Catalogue, Campaign, Wayfinding

︎︎︎Pressing Matters,
Exhibition at Keilewerf 2, Rotterdam Art Week

with Multa (PT) x Pedro Lobo (PT)

︎︎︎DeKroon Fest 2023,
Open studio day, Flyer
We make / offer:
︎Riso prints
︎Spatial Installations
︎DJ Workshops
and many more things
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or come to us ︎ DeKroon, Rotterdam, NL